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April 10, 2005


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» Jaffe Creates a Tiger of a Nike Ad from Micro Persuasion
Marketing Guru Joseph Jaffe has created an ad for Nike using footage of Tiger Woods' dramatic win at the Masters. Go Joe! [Read More]

» Tiger's Back from public MattBerther : ISerializable
I was watching the Masters golf tournament earlier today and saw what is easily the most incredible shot I have ever seen. Tiger Woods had hooked his tee shot off to the left and his ball was lying right next... [Read More]

» Marketing serendipity from Licence to Roam
The images from Tiger Wood's stunning shot over the weekend shows that sometimes things happen that even advertising agencies couldn't script. An absolute perfect shot for Nike. Take a look at Jaffe Juice for a creative look at the moment,... [Read More]

» Just do it from vowe dot net
More >... [Read More]

» Nike Ad from Ian Landsman's Weblog
Cool Nike ad created by Joseph Jaffe. If you saw the masters this weekend it was a pretty dramatic moment and makes a very cool commercial. (link via Scoble) Update: I had a little trouble downloading the movie, probably because Jaffe is being Scobl... [Read More]

» Two Millimeters from theAdamBomb
The Masters golf tournament has always been my favorite of the four majors because it turns the game into a contest of supreme accuracy over basic shotmaking, stamina, power, and chance. [Read More]

» Tiger Woods Wins Fourth Masters Title from Drudge Retort
Tiger Woods on the shot that won The Masters: "I was just trying to throw the ball up there on the hill and let it feed down there and hopefully have a makable putt. All of a sudden, it looked... [Read More]

» Tiger's Probably Replaying This Over and Over... from TruerWords
This is totally amazing. Click the link in that article that says, "View just did it.wmv." Note that it's not a real ad. It's just a 'tape' of Tiger's performance in the Masters this weekend at Aguusta National, with the Nike slogan tacked onto the end... [Read More]

» Just Do It from Feld Thoughts
I’m not a golfer, but I can appreciate an amazing play / shot / race in any sport.  Fred Wilson had a beautiful picture of Tiger Woods up on his site today and then I bumped into Joseph Jaffe’s homemade Nike commercial of a beautiful p... [Read More]

» Best golf shot ever from Ed Bott - Windows (and Office) Expertise
Although I live in a golf mecca, I don't play. In fact, I haven't picked up a set of golf clubs since I was 10 years old, and watching golf ranks up there with watching paint dry on my list of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. But even... [Read More]

» It Pays to be First from Mostly Muppet Dot Com
You know, if I were only just a little more motivated, I'd probably be more successful. Last night while I was sitting at the computer I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if CBS cut a spot for their sports coverage/golf package featuring that great chip-... [Read More]

» Tiger Woods did it! from Agylen
I'm not a golfer or a golf fan, but for the benefit of my golfer smaller brother and my golfer friend Gianugo, I'm linking to the video of Tiger Wood's ace shot at the Augusta National this Sunday (from Jaffe Juice). It downloading from there is too s... [Read More]

» Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods Y'all from Scam City version 8.0
For those who didn't see it, Joseph Jaffe has the best golf shot in history... I thought his banana putt at the Players Championship a few years back was wild, but this is just awesome...... [Read More]

» I'm not much of a golf fan, but Tiger's final round 16th hole birdie in the Masters is flat out fantastic from kottke.org remaindered links
http://www.jaffejuice.com/2005/04/tiger_did_it_ak.html... [Read More]

» Sometimes The Commercials Write Themselves from AdPulp
Joseph Jaffe of Jaffejuice put together a rough clip of Tiger Woods' amazing shot at the 16th hole of The Masters yesterday for a spot Nike & Wieden & Kennedy should--and probably will--do Check it out here... [Read More]

» Tiger's from Random Thoughts of Jorriss
[Read More]

» He did it! from St
Mehr > [Read More]

» Tiger did it from B-O-K
Can't get enough of last weekends Tiger Woods golf-shot? The one with the Nike-ball that seemed to have a mind of its own for about 2 seconds? Well check out Jaffe Juice: Joseph Jaffe has made the next Nike commercial, sort of!... [Read More]

» The Next Nike Commercial from Major Championships
JaffeJuice.com has put together two video clips of Tiger Woods amazing 16th green chip in. One is 60 seconds, another is 30 seconds. Could be a possible new Nike Commercial in the future. [Read More]

» The Next Nike Commercial from Major Championships
JaffeJuice.com has put together two video clips of Tiger Woods amazing 16th green chip in. One is 60 seconds, another is 30 seconds. Could be a possible new Nike Commercial in the future. [Read More]

» The Master from TheUberGeeks.net
Yeah, I watched the Masters on Sunday. Tiger is the master. I was literally screaming when this went in. You'd have to watch like 3 or 4 of the previous holes to get a feel for how good, and how needed, that shot really was.... [Read More]

...at the Masters this weekend has already been immortalized in a homemade Nike commercial over at Jaffe Juice, the blog of marketing guru Joseph Jaffe. Very cool.... [Read More]

» That Took Longer Than I Thought from Jack Barse
While sitting with friends yesterday watching Tiger Woods' terrific performance at the Masters I remarked that his pitch-in at 16 should be the next Nike commercial. It's not official yet, but here's a reasonably good attempt. NB: there are likely... [Read More]

» Thoughts For The Day from W6 Daily
» Someone said something about jotting down notes throughout the day and posting them as a random collection and it... [Read More]

» Some golf players just do it! from Useful Sounds - Nicole Simon's english [blog|podcast]
You don't need to be a golf fanatic or nuts for sponsorship branding to enjoy the video of Tiger Wood's awsome shot, found at and made by Jaffe Juice. And I have to absolutly agree with Jaffe: The moment of truth (as you'll see) couldn't have been ... [Read More]

» Jaffe: Nike's Next Commercial from The River
Kudos to Joseph Jaffe for sharing the amazing 16th-hole shot that made for an amazing Masters, and suggesting it should be Nike's next spot. How could one miss the "swoosh" on the golf ball as it teetered on the edge [Read More]

» Wow. from kenny's online journal
I hadn't seen this shot yet, but read about it today. This guy made a cool "nike commercial" out of it. Tiger is simply awesome. Like seriously. I don't care if you don't like golf. You can feel the excitement. ... [Read More]

» http://mhking.mu.nu/archives/075316.php from Ramblings' Journal
By now, you've seen Tiger Woods' incredible birdie shot on the 16th at Augusta National in yesterday's final round of The Masters. But for those of you who simply have not seen it, the incredible shot has already been turned... [Read More]

» Once in your lifetime.... from Media Lies
....you get to see something like this. I sat behind home plate for Nolan Ryan's 5000th strikeout. I watched his seventh no-hitter on TV. But watching [Read More]

» The Business Side of Tiger Woods' 16th Hole Masters Tournament Shot from STL All Sports
Even if you don't follow golf you've probably seen the incredible shot Tiger Woods made on the 16th hole at the Masters Tournament. Watching live was an incredible experience and one I will cherish for a long time. The ball... [Read More]

» Off Topic: Tiger Woods winning shot from The Blue State Conservatives
You gotta see this.  You won't believe it.... [Read More]

» http://s88010863.onlinehome.us/site/blog/2005/04/12/400/ from Uber Awesomeness
Ho ho ho. If you have't seen it yet, you must see this! You must see Tiger's birdie on the masters, probably one of the best golf shots ever to be played... Simply amazing! I mean seriously!! He's a god's gift to Golf. What a beautiful shot! Look ... [Read More]

» Sharing the Wealth from think again, ideas that move people

If you have been following my blog posts and the development of Ideascape, you’ll know that I have a great interest in creativity, innovation, and the way people work together. From the [Read More]

» SWOOSH from Side Salad - Food For Lack Of Thought
What's the definition of viral marketing? For Nike, it's when someone does your advertising for you and it doesn't cost a dime. It was only a matter of time, really. Some jamoke posted a homemade commercial using footage of... [Read More]

» Tiger's Moment from SportsBlog:I want to win
[Read More]

» Some Media doesn't understand golf from Major Championships
USA Today Money has written an article on Tiger's 16th hole chip in. Problem is, they don't think he chipped it in. [Read More]

» The next Nike commercial from Bleikamp.com
If this isn't the next Nike commercial, I'll be disappointed. Even though Tiger bogeyed the last two holes of the tournament, this shot was amazing and will be played for years, or at least until Tiger makes a new unimagineable shot. "He'd be luc... [Read More]

» The Best Nike Commecial Ever from How Do You Spell That?
Too bad Nike didn't produce it. http://www.jaffejuice.com/2005/04/tiger_did_it_ak.html... [Read More]

» More on 'The Chip' from Balls, Sticks,
Link: Jaffe Juice: Tiger did it a.k.a. the next Nike Commercial. Two thoughts:1. I love how the camera shakes when the crowd erupts.2. The fact that is ball went into the hole is due in large part to my efforts. [Read More]

» 神奇的birdie与nike广告 from babyking
神奇的birdie与nike广告 [Read More]

» Just Do It? He Just Did It! from Daily Pundit
While my interest in golf as a personal sporting endeavor is nil - I've nver so much as hit a golf ball with a club - that doesn't mean I can't follow Tiger Woods' career with intense interest, even to... [Read More]

» Golf shot of the year from randyandgerri.com

In case you missed Tiger Woods super shot at the Masters, Jaffe has created a super nice 30 sec or 60 sec "commerical" of what happened...Nike execs probably all took Monday off to celebrate…

Watch the videos here

[Read More]

» Magic from Uber Awesomeness
I'm not a hardcore golf fan or anything, but Tiger Woods final round birdy is one shot to remember. I mean it's worth using the word 'HOLY CRAP'. It's that good. One of the best shots to be played in Golf's history. If you haven't seen it yet, whic... [Read More]

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