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June 04, 2006


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» Much ado about comments from co.mments.com
Mathew Ingram sums it up best: Web 2.0 — or whatever we’re calling it nowadays — is supposed to be about the conversation, isn’t it? It’s not much of a conversation if you’re the only one talking, a point I have tried to make several times... [Read More]

» No Comments For U from PardonMyFrench
I'm finding the heat that Seth Godin, well known author and marketing SME, is taking is fascinating. You on the other hand may not, so I'll keep this short. On June 3rd, Seth wrote a blog that was part tongue [Read More]

» Bloggers Blogging About Other Bloggers from Fresh Glue
Ever notice how many movies are about writers? The Shining, Adaptation, Alex Emma, Finding Forrester, Finding Neverland, Secret Window, The Hours, All the President's Men, Wonder Boys, Capote, Squid and the Whale, The Killing Fields (my favorite: Barto... [Read More]

» Joseph Jaffe On Seth Godin's Traffic Post from
"This post is not snarky...it's condescending, aloof and arrogant and I think it ignores a fundamental tenant of authentic social media" [Read More]

» Seth Godin Comments On No Comments from Twist Image - Mitch Joel Blog - Marketing and Communication Insights
It was just another Lazy Sunday, until the Blog world got its panties in a knot because of a post on the Blog of Seth Godin titled, Why I Don't Have Comments. I read Godin’s post prior to seeing the... [Read More]

» Episode #4 - Six Pixels Of Separation – The Podcast from Twist Image - Mitch Joel Blog - Marketing and Communication Insights
I’m having a hard time believing that I’ve been Podcasting Six Pixels Of Separation for a month now. What a rush. I hope you enjoy this new episode of Six Pixels Of Separation. I can’t do it without your feedback,... [Read More]

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