July 13, 2006

Hey Intel...before you hire your next agency, give Steve and myself a call

At the beginning of this year, Adrants' Steve Hall and myself discussed Intel's beyond lame new tagline, "Leap Ahead" on Across the Sound - Episode 15.

We both took positions on how long we expected it to live. Steve and I both predicted 2 years max...we were obviously being way too kind because now we hear that Intel is reaching out to agencies for "brand positioning' ideas.

Download leap_ahead.mp3

To Intel's CMO, Eric Kim..drop me an e-mail to jaffe@getthejuice.com or Steve at steve@adrants.com for some honest advice and new marketing ideas. We're a lot cheaper than any of the agencies you're reaching out to and we won't dare suggest a celebrity-bloated campaign full of hyperbole, empty promises and generalizations. We might even tell you to go back to the old Intel Inside...

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